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'Blumenfeld & Moore Architects' consists of Tamar Blumenfeld-Katz and Yehudit Moore. We both graduated with a Masters in Architecture from the 'Bezalel Academy of Art and Design' in Jerusalem in 1994. Soon after, we founded our office, now located in Herzliya.
We specialize in designing luxury homes as well as interior design.
We believe in the significance of the relationship between our clients and their home. Even at the earliest stages of the design process, we consider our client's needs, wants and overall lifestyle to design their unique home, as well as the location and overall environment.
From the initial design all the way to construction, we maintain a close relationship with our clients, meaning we make sure to be readily available and regularly involve them in the process. We also work with entrepreneurs to create designs that are directly influenced by the social and urban environment.
Our philosophy is influenced by our perception of architecture, a combination of familiarity with multiple styles and local construction with innovative, bold creative choices.
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